NMX was founded by scientists with years of successful experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


NMX was conceptualized on the idea that:

  • Drug discovery required multidiciplinary research for quality and success.

  • Excellent opportunities exist at the interfaces of industry, research institutions and academia.

NMX's business model was designed to exploit these opportunities to accelerate translational research for drug discovery. It is meant to provide “win-win” opportunities.

Advantages of this business model:

  • Proprietary IP generated for clients (industry, research institutions or academia).

  • Valuable state-of-art services offered to clients - time savings, reduced risks, financial savings.

  • Novel methodologies are continuously invented, implemented and improved.

  • Industry, research institutions and academia gain access to translational research that is not readily available elsewhere.

NMX created an extensive network of expertise and equipment located in Canada and the USA.​

  • Boston, Montreal