NMX offers client-based services for discovering hits and leads for future drugs. ​

Services can range from a complete solutions such as "gene to leads" or focused projects such as:

  • Production and purification of disease target.

  • Biophysical screening for hits.

  • Medicinal chemistry for leads.

NMX has specialty services in fragment-based drug discovery incuding our in-house fragment libraries (1H, 19F) and commercial libaries. 

Emphasis on toolbox of NMR strategies to ensure delivery of quality hits and leads.​​

Combinations of assays and strategies can be tailored or invented to address client needs.  

NEW! uNMR now offers same-day NMR data acquisition services.

Services offered:



- Protein production and purification using different vectors

- Optimisation of procedures

- Screening of buffer conditions for assay and NMR experiments

- Molecular Biology

Biophysics / NMR:

- NMR fragment-based screening

- Binding studies by NMR

- Protein assignments

- 3D structure determinations

- Binding site determinations

- Modeling of ligand-protein complexes

- NMR consulting and collaborations

- Primary structure verifications

- Atropisomer chirality

- Metabolite ID and monitoring

- Aggregation studies by NMR

- Compound library analyses



Medicinal Chemistry:

- Focused SAR follow-up

- SAR by cataloging