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Accelerating drug discovery since 2014


Global leaders in Fragment-based Lead Discovery helping biotech and pharmaceutical companies accelerate time to market since 2014.

Fragment Screening

​We leverage advanced NMR techniques to analyze small molecule interactions with high precision.

Biophysics Platform

Innovative NMR protocols specifically designed to optimize the screening, binding, and characterization processes


Comprehensive NMR Data Acquisition Service that integrates into your workflow.


mail-in NMR data acquisition service intended to make NMR available to people anywhere in the world.

What NMX can do for you

Discover new drug seeds


Take advantage of fragment screens with NMX’s expertly curated libraries and identify new hits for your targets of interest

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The best of NMR for your project

NMX fast-tracks drug discovery projects

NMX Research and Solutions, Inc. strives to be a global leader in discovering drug leads for challenging disease targets. At NMX, we apply our deep biophysics expertise and innovations to help you launch and accelerate your drug discovery programs.


We continuously develop powerful strategies within our four pillars – CRO, Biotech, Biophysics Platform and uNMR – to support all your needs from “gene-to-lead.” NMX is committed to providing you with quality and timely results that help you achieve your goals while also saving you time and reducing costs.


Let us help you discover the seeds for your leads.

Let us discover the seeds for your leads.

500, Boulevard Cartier Ouest, Suite 6000

Laval, Québec, Canada H7V 5B7


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