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Your Dedicated
Contract Research Partner
since 2014

Leaders in Fragment-Based Lead Discovery.

NMX enables and accelerates drug discovery for biotech and pharmaceutical companies using innovative NMR and state-of-the-art biophysics platform.

Fragment Screening

​We leverage advanced NMR techniques to analyze small molecule interactions with high precision.

Biophysics Platform

Innovative NMR protocols designed to optimize the screening, binding, and characterization processes


Comprehensive NMR Data Acquisition Service that integrates into your workflow.


Mail-in NMR data acquisition service making NMR available to people anywhere in the world.

Biophysics Platform

Innovative NMR protocols specifically designed to optimize the screening, binding and characterization processes.

Molecule background

NMX Empowers Drug Discovery with Advanced Fragment Screening Solutions 

Our High-throughput biophysical screening platform utilizes our proprietary fragment librairies

About us

NMX Research & Solutions Inc. is a pionneering contract research organization (CRO) specializing in Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) and biophysical screening technologies.

Founded in 2014, NMX is dedicated to accelerating drug discovery by providing innovative solutions and state-of-the-art services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Our mission

Delivering high-quality actionnable insights

To drive the discovery and development of new drugs by leveraging our expertise in biophysics, medicinal chemistry and structural biology.

Our Expertise

Decades of experience in various fields

  • Fragment-Based Lead Discovery (FBLD)

  • Biophysical Screening 

  • Medicinal Chemistry

  • Protein Production


Accelerate Your Path to Discovery

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