Making NMR simple for Med-Chem workflow

 Comprehensive NMR Data Acquisition Service

Integrated Into Your Workflow

  • Large choice of 1D and 2D NMR experiments

  • Same day service on selected 1H and 19F experiments

  • Variable temperature 

  • Quantitative NMR

Simplified Requests

  • Secured web interface for submission 

  • Quick and simple submission process

    • Log in

    • Pick analysis

    • Submit

Secure And Convenient

  • Data sent by secure email

  • Safe sample containers provided

  • Samples returned upon request every Friday

Expert Acquisition

  • Customized analyses

  • Analysis verification on demand

  • 600 MHz spectrometer available

  • Follow up with additional NMX services

Complete primary structure verification

Quantitative NMR

Free-state behavior in buffer

Ligand binding studies and NMR

fragment screen

Binding site determination

Kd and affinity ranking

FBLD: Gene to Lead

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