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NMX stays on the cutting edge of drug discovery research by constantly expanding and redefining what can be achieved by our biochemical and biophysical tools of choice.

This section features a selection of  recently published developments.

Robust Strategy for Hit-to-Lead Discovery: NMR for SAR

Sacha T. Larda, Yann Ayotte, Maria M. Denk, Paul Coote, Gregory Heffron, David Bendahan, Fatma Shahout, Nicolas Girard, Mustapha Iddir, Patricia Bouchard, Francois Bilodeau, Simon Woo, Luc J. Farmer, and Steven R. LaPlante

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2023)

Jumping from Fragment to Drug via Smart Scaffolds.

Dr. Majid D. Farahani, Dr. Tanos C. C. França, Dr. Saba Alapour, Fatma Shahout, Dr. Richard Boulon, Dr. Mustapha Iddir, Michael Maddalena, Dr. Yann Ayotte, Prof. Steven R. LaPlante

ChemMedChem (2022)

Probing the free-state solution behavior of drugs and their tendencies to self-associate into nano-entities.

LaPlante, S.R.; Roux, V.; Shahout, F.; Laplante, G.; Woo, S.; Ayotte, Y.; Denk, M.; Larda, S.T.

Nature Protocols (2021).

Fragment-Based Phenotypic Lead Discovery To Identify New Drug Seeds That Target Infectious Diseases

Yann Ayotte, Eve Bernet, François Bilodeau, Mena Cimino, Dominic Gagnon, Marthe Lebughe,
Maxime Mistretta, Paul Ogadinma, Sarah-Lisa Ouali, Aïssatou Aïcha Sow, Laurent Chatel-Chaix,
Albert Descoteaux, Giulia Manina, Dave Richard, Frédéric Veyrier, and Steven R. LaPlante

ACS Chem. Biol. (2021)

NMR-based Approaches to the Study of GPCRs and GPCR-ligand Interactions.

Pandey, A.; Larda, S.T.; LaPlante, S.R.; Prosser, R.S.

GPCRs Structure, Function, and Drug Discovery (2020): 65-80.

Exposing Small-molecule Nano-entities By An NMR Relaxation Assay.

Ayotte,Y.; Marando,V.M.; Vaillancourt,L.; Bouchard,P.; Heffron,G.; Coote,P.W.; Larda,S.T.; LaPlante,S.R.

J. Med. Chem. (2019), 62; 17: 7885-7896.

Fragment-Based Phenotypic Lead Discovery: Cell-Based Assay to Target Leishmaniasis.

Ayotte Y, Bilodeau F, Descoteaux A, LaPlante SR.

ChemMedChem. (2018) 18;13(14):1377-1386.

NMR strategies to support medicinal chemistry workflows for primary structure determination.

Oguadinma, P.; Bilodeau, F.; LaPlante, S.R.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, (2017) 27: 242-247.

Resurgence of Phenotypic Screening for Discovering Drug Leads.

Ayotte, Y & LaPlante, S.R.

EC Microbiology 7.3, (2017): 80-82.

The Rise of Academia-Pharma Partnerships for Discovering New Chemical Matter for Future Drugs.

LaPlante, S; Bilodeau, F.

EC Microbiology 4.5 (2016): 756-758.

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