NMX stays on the cutting edge of early-stage drug discovery research by constantly expanding and redefining what can be achieved by our biochemical and biophysical tools of choice.

This section features a selection of  recently published developments.


Probing the free-state solution behavior of drugs and their tendencies to self-associate into nano-entities.

LaPlante, S.R.; Roux, V.; Shahout, F.; Laplante, G.; Woo, S.; Ayotte, Y.; Denk, M.; Larda, S.T.

Nature Protocols (2021).

Fragment-Based Phenotypic Lead Discovery To Identify New Drug Seeds That Target Infectious Diseases

Yann Ayotte, Eve Bernet, François Bilodeau, Mena Cimino, Dominic Gagnon, Marthe Lebughe,
Maxime Mistretta, Paul Ogadinma, Sarah-Lisa Ouali, Aïssatou Aïcha Sow, Laurent Chatel-Chaix,
Albert Descoteaux, Giulia Manina, Dave Richard, Frédéric Veyrier, and Steven R. LaPlante

ACS Chem. Biol. (2021)

NMR-based Approaches to the Study of GPCRs and GPCR-ligand Interactions.

Pandey, A.; Larda, S.T.; LaPlante, S.R.; Prosser, R.S.

GPCRs Structure, Function, and Drug Discovery (2020): 65-80.

Exposing Small-molecule Nano-entities By An NMR Relaxation Assay.

Ayotte,Y.; Marando,V.M.; Vaillancourt,L.; Bouchard,P.; Heffron,G.; Coote,P.W.; Larda,S.T.; LaPlante,S.R.

J. Med. Chem. (2019), 62; 17: 7885-7896.

Fragment-Based Phenotypic Lead Discovery: Cell-Based Assay to Target Leishmaniasis.

Ayotte Y, Bilodeau F, Descoteaux A, LaPlante SR.

ChemMedChem. (2018) 18;13(14):1377-1386.

NMR strategies to support medicinal chemistry workflows for primary structure determination.

Oguadinma, P.; Bilodeau, F.; LaPlante, S.R.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, (2017) 27: 242-247.

Resurgence of Phenotypic Screening for Discovering Drug Leads.

Ayotte, Y & LaPlante, S.R.

EC Microbiology 7.3, (2017): 80-82.

The Rise of Academia-Pharma Partnerships for Discovering New Chemical Matter for Future Drugs.

LaPlante, S; Bilodeau, F.

EC Microbiology 4.5 (2016): 756-758.