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Primary Structure Verification

Structure elucidation for unknown compounds and structure confirmation for known compounds through the use of a combination of 1D and 2D NMR techniques.

⦾ Structure Elucidation and Confirmation

The primary structure of your key compound is determined by tried-and-true NMR techniques together with expert analysis by our specialists. Lay the groundwork for the efficient progression of your research program.

Early Analoging

Initial follow-up studies once a hit compound/series has been identified. Let us help you design, acquire and test chemical analogs of your hits.

⦾ Advance Towards SAR

Chemical analogs that will further develop the emerging structure-activity relationship are identified by our experts and their interaction with the target investigated.

⦾ Diversified Analogs Sourcing

NMX leverages advanced NMR techniques to analyze small molecule interactions with high precision


Our team of medicinal chemists and biophysicists will share their years of experience in drug discovery and walk your scientists through a hit-to-lead program.


Improvements in compound potency and development of structure-activity relationships for a chemical series realized through NMR binding studies with one or more targets of interest to inform the next round of compound design.

Artifact Flagging

Compound behavior is monitored by NMR, ensuring that misleading results caused by phenomena such as compound aggregation can be flagged and removed from SAR analysis.


Accelerate Your Path to Discovery

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