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NMR is now accessible for everyone !

Intra-USA Service

What is mi-NMR?

mi-NMR is a mail-in NMR data acquisition service intended to make NMR available to people anywhere in the world.

⦾ Easy service requests made on-line or via phone with experts.

⦾ Samples are mailed or sent via a courier-service, NMR data acquired, data and report sent by email.

Wide range of NMR services and expertise are available.

⦾ Multi-nuclei, multi-dimensional, variety of conditions.

⦾ Quality NMR data are acquired with options for processing, interpretations and reports by experts.

mi-NMR allows you to have quality NMR data acquired by experts.

⦾ FBLD: Gene to Lead

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Accelerate Your Path to Discovery

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