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Protein Expression

Production of a target protein. Get the high yields required to perform as many subsequent experiments as necessary.

⦾ Diverse Expression Systems
Protein production in bacterial cells. If the target needs an unusual or customized expression system, our team will adapt to any particular requirement.
⦾ On-demand Labeling

Unlabeled protein production as well as uniform and selective amino-acid labeling.

Protein Purification

Purification of your target. Ensures that analyses are as accurate as possible by working on highly pure samples.

⦾ Process Development

Efficient purification of even well-known proteins can be tricky. Our team of experts can develop, test and optimize the purification process of a target and hand it over to your team.

⦾ A Technique for Each Case

Purification of target proteins by affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion chromatography techniques.

Bioanalitycal Characterisation

⦾ Know Your Target

Making sure you are working with the right target in the right conformation by performing folding, purity and homogeneity assessments.

Determination of the biochemical parameters of a target protein. 

⦾ Optimized Formulation

Getting the best of the target in solution by screening buffers, evaluating concentrations and assessing its overall stability.

Clone Design

Customized Clone Design

Get the maximum yields of your protein so that protein supply is no longer the bottleneck for critical experiments. Our highly qualified team of molecular biologists and biochemists will design optimized clone constructs for drug discovery applications.

Protein yields can be highly correlated to the protein sequence and presence or absence of tags. NMX Research and Solutions team of molecular biologists will help defining the best options for your protein target and clone design.


Accelerate Your Path to Discovery

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